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Frequently Asked Questions

Things you want to know

Does a class 5 license work for your vans?

Yes! We require at minimum a valid Class 5 license for anyone looking to rent our vans.

Are there other Restrictions?

Minimum age for drivers is 25.

Is insurance included?

While our base rates include basic insurance, there is an additional daily insurance rate to get collision insurance. You can refuse that, but you will need to show proof of outside insurance that covers rental cars.

In the event of any damages, you will be responsible for the deductible.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept major credit cards, including Amex. Due to COVID, we prefer not to handle cash.

What time of day can I pickup the Van? when do I return it?

Vehicle availability is guaranteed at 10am. Contact us if you need anything earlier.

We require all vehicles to be returned by 9am the day of the return.

Is Gas included?

No, you are responsible for filling up the vehicle with gas prior to returning the vans.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver from Abbotsford to Horseshoe Bay.

How do you price your deliveries?

We have a fixed fee for our entire area, and determine the rates based on number of deliveries and size of packages.

What do you do with the packages that were not accepted by the customers?

We work with you to figure out the course of actions. We're happy to bring it back to your base.

How long does it take to get a van "reefered"?

Most companies typically take 6-8 weeks. At EVR, we've developed a faster, more durable insulation method that can get you the vehicle in less than 4 weeks.

Which Reefer units do you use?

We work with you to determine the best option that fits your operational needs and budget. We do not have exclusivity agreements with any refrigeration brands.

How does your pricing compare to others?

We're often the most economical option. Contact us for a quote!

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