Daily Rentals

Need a temporary boost to your reefer fleet?

Our rentals start with an affordable daily rate for any short term refrigerated transportation needs.

Need a refrigerated van one or two days every week? just book a van in advance and you're all set. No need to invest in a whole van.

Weekly Rentals

You can rent our vans for a week, a month, or for the whole summer.

Our weekly rentals give you access to a reliable refrigerated van so you can focus on your business. Rent for a single week or longer to augment your own fleet on a temporary basis.

Great for when you're waiting for your van to be outfitted, or while it's getting repaired.

Long-Term Leases

Terms starting at 12 months

Our leases are for worry-free use of our refrigerated vans from 12-36 months. At the end of the term, you can simply renew, or return the vehicle.

No down-payments, no long-term liabilities, full maintenance, and no headaches.


Manage everything in one place

Our fleet is exclusively Mercedes Sprinter Vans with electric refrigeration units.

Available van sizes:
- Sprinter 170 EXT High Roof
- Sprinter 170 High Roof
- Sprinter 144 Low Roof

Our fleet is ideal for urban temperature controller B2B and B2C deliveries. We maintain our vehicles and the cooler units at optimal conditions so you can focus on your logistics.

Refrigerated Deliveries

Our strength is temperature controlled deliveries for food companies in British Columbia.

For many, operating a fleet of reefer vans and managing delivery drivers is uneconomical, expensive, and unreliable. We help businesses avoid all that while making sure their customers get their products in food safe conditions.

Augmenting Your Team

Many of our clients already have a delivery team in place, and work with us to help them during their growth phase.

We work seamlessly with your existing delivery infrastructure, making sure your customers get a consistent service.

Alternatively, we can provide our own routing and technology solution, implementing best practices with customer expectations.

Last Mile Experts

While we do B2B deliveries, our focus has always been on the consumer and residential delivery market.

This is a sensitive area, as we become the front-line extension of your company and your brand.

Work with us to ensure your customers are happy and keep coming back.

Sourcing New and Used Vans

We work with a network of dealerships to source the best, most economical Sprinter Vans for you.

We source both new and used vans which we can then insulate and convert into a refrigerated van.

State of the Art Insulation

We use the highest quality modular insulation and finishing methods, ensuring you get a long life and a fully sanitary cargo space.

We can work with both engine-driven as well as electric compressor units.

Best of all, we can lend you a working van while the conversion takes place, so that you don't miss a day of business.

Leasing and Financing

We can help connect you with leasing and financing partners, ensuring an efficient use of your capital.

Alternatively, we can work with your bank to help with the process.

Got questions? Check out our FAQs!